Administration’s Case For War Simply Not Compelling

This administration is pushing hard to win over US public opinion re: engaging Syria. It’s beginning to look like a foregone conclusion at this point, however this whole thing reeks of bullshit; you know when they bring the full-court press like this, trying to shape the narrative that “we know” what happened & therefore it’s our moral duty to thrust ourselves into this mess…it’s time to be suspicious. 

Also, this shouldn’t turn on whether Assad or the opposition is responsible for the Sarin gas–Syria’s been a bloodbath for two and a half years now, death toll over 100k….yet at no point during that time when Assad was slaughtering tens of thousands of his own people, did Obama or Kerry feel a “moral imperative” to get involved. This forced the pro-democracy opposition groups to ally themselves with Islamist terrorist groups (who are seizing the opportunity to overthrow Assad only to establish sharia law). 

Where was your compassion then, back when your willingness to enter the conflict might’ve led to something other than further chaotic destabilization of a region that we’ve already fucked up enough? Back when joining the fight wouldn’t entail supporting the same terrorists we’ve been battling for the past decade?? This regime is supported by Russia, China, and Iran, all of whom have warned us to mind our own business. Why aggravate that trifecta over an arbitrary “red line” you stupidly committed yourself to? WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PLAN?


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