Unintimidating, Incompetent, and Frankly Embarrassing

We’ve already broadcasted to Assad (and the rest of the world) the sort of targets we aim to strike…giving them days/weeks to move assets, prepare, and generally do everything in their power to mitigate the effectiveness of any missile strikes we might be sending their way. They know precisely what’s coming, the full who, what, when, where, and how of this U.S. foreign policy misadventure. We’ve made it perfectly clear to them: no boots on the ground, no regime change, just some Tomahawk missiles aimed at “strategic” locations. How soon you forget, dear Middle Eastern friends, we Americans know a thing or two about “strategery”.

You see, citizens of the world, we’re so magical and awesome that we can remove Assad’s access to chemical weapons that he probably never used in the first place, and we can do this with bombs, WITHOUT risking exposing the toxic nerve agents to any innocent human beings who happen to be in the area, and we can do this despite forecasting these intentions well in advance–we do not fear that the weapons/assets we aim to destroy will be moved to secure locations while we’re busy trying to get the vast majority of US citizens that oppose this to realize how silly they’re being and acknowledge the flawless logic of our plan.

We realize you simple folk may struggle to grasp the wisdom behind our well-calculated strategies, and that’s fine, we forgive you for that. You’re not superheroes, after all, you’re only human. Thinking’s hard, it’s not for everybody. How fortunate you are to live in times such as these, where leaders have such impeccable judgment that you can blindly trust.

Guess what Barry? Guess what John? You sacrificed that credibility & assumption of trust long ago. Though it’s slightly amusing to watch your floundering attempts to portray yourself as formidable authorities of a world superpower, to be respected and feared…..lol I’m sorry, and not to pile on, but I’ve got to ask, and I’m serious: who is not thoroughly amazed at what an unbelievable fucking pussy Obama is? He’s just not a leader, it’s not in his make-up. He’s in over his head, has been from day one. THIS is true incompetence people, these guys can’t even warmonger efficiently! Don’t misinterpret me, I’m as opposed to Syrian intervention as anybody, but when the president and secretary of state are being upstaged and outreasoned on the int’l diplomatic stage by the likes of VLADOMIR PUTIN and BASHAR ASSAD, I mean sweet Jesus…how the mighty have fallen.

Today, Kerry seriously referred to the scope of the attacks he has in mind as being “unbelievably small.” UNBELIEVABLY small! As in, you won’t even ‘believe’ how small they are! As in–why are we even doing this in the first place?



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