Media Runs Away From More Juicy Geopolitical Drama

To summarize: a recording leaked yesterday confirming Turkey, a NATO-member country (which means we’ve promised to support them militarily should they suffer an unprovoked ‘attack’ and have to go to war) planned a false-flag strike against themselves in order to blame it on Syria and use it as justification for declaring war against Syria.

Now you’re sayin, “Hey Kody, that seems kinda familiar…where have we seen that before?” Oh that’s right–it’s precisely the EXACT SAME F-ING thing we did a few months ago! False flag terror has proven ridiculously effective as a tool leaders have at their disposal in pursuing their interests, and I cannot see how any rational person can continue dismissing false flag terror as a counter-hypothesis to the standard ‘mainstream’ interpretation of recent U.S. military excursions–not without first genuinely considering it and weighing the evidence. If you can’t even muster this, then I’m content to write you off as a hopeless slave intellectually incapable of exercising the cognitive powers necessary for freedom, and leave you be…

So unless that’s you, we must confront the next question: ok, given that this sort of false flag terror actually goes on, and is nothing new, what is the evidence that the US has been involved in false flag operations, now or in the past?”…a fruitful question to explore, indeed. I understand this can be quite shattering to one’s worldview–I know from experience–but the time’s come where we can no longer afford to be asleep to the reality of false flag terror, and the more people who are aware of the practice, the technique’s rendered less effective. This also exposes their “go-to” play in their playbook, without which they are left looking extremely exposed, such as our failed attempt to start a war with Syria, with the same old bag of tricks–but finding that the tricks don’t work anymore, and it’s painfully obvious the emperor has no clothes!

By the way, get a load of the Turkish Prime Minister’s response to the leak: he levels the charge of moral wrongdoing against whomever leaked his private security meeting, calling it “immoral” and punishing his entire country by quickly (& illegally) banning YouTube and Twitter nationwide…He feels he’s been morally wronged, when someone leaks his private plans to frame a country for a terror attack/military strike they didn’t do, in order to use it as a pretext for declaring war against them! So rather than denying the leak, he ADMITS it, and decries it as a moral injustice against himself!

(we must remember we’re dealing with psychopaths)

And where’s the media, on this?… this high-level leak that leaves our NATO ally caught red-handed engaged in false flag operations? Why, they wouldn’t touch a story like that with a 10-foot pole, our government wants as few people even knowing the words “false flag” as possible.


Confronting Cognitive Dissonance

One of my current challenges is learning how to navigate this discussion with those who are still asleep. Some are simply ignorant and uninformed, and others are in denial because their truthfully unwilling to even consider the actual possibility that their own country could have been complicit in 9/11.


Nobody grills em like Goudy, period.

One of the most powerful voices in congress; we need more like him, people who are┬ácapable reasoners AND have the rhetorical savvy to deliver the message effectively…not enough to simply have the winning argument; the right needs better messaging for the non-thinking people who fall for patently false narratives like Romney’s “war on women” from the 2012 elections. I do want as many Goudy’s, Mike Lee’s, Paul, Cruz, et al as we can get, but it also seems wise to settle upon a winning message for each issue, and a position (/talking point) that can be stated in 1-2 sentences max… we could do a better job of catering to the lowest common denominator (i.e. mouth-breathing idiot voter)…or perhaps such people are going to vote democrat no matter what..

Leaving things worse than we found them…

Perhaps the place was better off when Saddam was in charge? (so long as you kept your head down and didn’t say/do anything to piss him off). He may have been a dictatorial tyrant, but at least he kept a secular state… which is essential for any true religious freedom. He’s infinitely preferable to the alternative springing up in his wake the minute we finally pull our troops out of that hellhole we’ve been sending them to for the past decade. Militant jihadism is a problem greater than the one it’s replacing.

Used to be over a million Christians in Saddam’s Iraq, who worshiped freely w/o persecution. Today, Christians all over the middle east are being killed en masse by Islamists (which Western media refuses to address; a deafening silence from western churches), and we’re down to 200,000 Iraqi Christians.

Good to know all those lives and limbs lost this past decade (plus the trillions of dollars) was worth it!