Leaving things worse than we found them…


Perhaps the place was better off when Saddam was in charge? (so long as you kept your head down and didn’t say/do anything to piss him off). He may have been a dictatorial tyrant, but at least he kept a secular state… which is essential for any true religious freedom. He’s infinitely preferable to the alternative springing up in his wake the minute we finally pull our troops out of that hellhole we’ve been sending them to for the past decade. Militant jihadism is a problem greater than the one it’s replacing.

Used to be over a million Christians in Saddam’s Iraq, who worshiped freely w/o persecution. Today, Christians all over the middle east are being killed en masse by Islamists (which Western media refuses to address; a deafening silence from western churches), and we’re down to 200,000 Iraqi Christians.

Good to know all those lives and limbs lost this past decade (plus the trillions of dollars) was worth it!


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