On a Possible “Bush v. Clinton” Presidential Election

I’m curious to see what will happen if–and heaven forbid it–we end up with another Bush/Clinton presidential election (vis a vis, Jeb and Hillary). I’m quite confident that–if not a majority–a sizable segment of the population does not want this, and this demographic is growing & making its presence felt more and more, as knowledge spreads and people continue to wake up to what’s going on (such as, the corruption & takeover of our governmental system by int’l banksters, corporate elite, globalist forces, etc.) If we really were to find ourselves looking at another election between these 2 names, it would be easier than ever for us to get the attention of those who haven’t quite woken up yet–since at that point many will probably have some kind of vague sense that something isn’t right here. So at least we would get the chance of having more people than ever receptive to our message, and an explanation of why we find our choices limited to one of those same 2 familiar names, can easily become an explanation of the whole bankster war machine & fiat money scam…you could pretty much go as far down the rabbit hole as circumstances allow for (gotta remember that certain people can only take so many blows to their worldview in one sitting, before they begin to disregard everything you say; can’t always force-feed them the red pill!), but it’d be a helpful doorway down that path, without it having to feel like you’re springing all this shit on them out of the blue.


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