Propaganda Straight From the Mouth of the Beast

Here, via CNN, we see the dying artifice that is (was) the mainstream media, in classical form: serving as the government’s trusted mouthpiece for the dissemination of their tailored propaganda.

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Lists of lists…of lists

Fellow list-junkies might take note of this wikipedia page, which is (to reference a somewhat exhausted meme) a veritable “list-ception”:

Articles that consist of a list of things that are themselves about lists of things, such as the lists of lists listed below. […]

Certain mind types (mine being one) seem to have an affinity for lists–not necessarily as an organizational tool (though I’m a “to-do” list addict as well), but just as a means of aggregating things together relative to some specified criterion. Growing up I had mental “lists” in my head of various things (dealing with movies/books/video games/actors/authors/etc)… that didn’t exist for any purpose that I could explain–I just felt compelled to construct them for some reason. Some eccentric quirk of the inner psyche that seems to revel in collecting like things together in an accessible way, perhaps.