Obama Administration: In Lieu of Evidence, Just Push the Narrative

This sounds remarkably similar to the sort of bogus propaganda the administration was pushing last year blaming Assad’s gov’t for the sarin gas attacks…long on assertions, short on evidence to back them up.

The most breathtaking part of this arrogant display is how she (and the administration in general) seemingly continue to operate on this assumption that their statements carry some weight or merit, simply by virtue of being the ‘official position of the United States’ or something…as though the endless lies they’ve been caught in have done nothing to jeopardize their credibility.

  • “I will have most transparent administration in history”
  • “My budget will cut the deficit by $4 Trillion over 10 years.”
  • “I won’t sign the NDA”…signs it at midnight on New Year’s Eve
  • “‘Shovel-ready’ jobs not as ‘shovel-ready’ as expected”
  • “We’re not spying/collecting info on American citizens”
  • “Benghazi was about a youtube video” — and then…
  • “I said benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning”
  • “You like your current plan, you can keep it”
  • “Not a smidgen of corruption” at IRS…hard drives crashed & destroyed
  • “I never set a red line”

Jesus, just trying to keep track of all the lies and scandals is enough to make your head spin and soul weep.

Check here for a fuller list of Obama era falsehoods.