Marvel at the Prophetic Words of Aldous Huxley

Huxley juxtaposes dictatorships of the past (which ruled with physical violence) with how he envisions dictatorships of the future…

HUXLEY: But, if you want to preserve your power indefinitely, you have to get the consent of the ruled, and this they will do partly by drugs as I foresaw in “Brave New World,” partly by these new techniques of propaganda.

They will do it by bypassing the sort of rational side of man and appealing to his subconscious and his deeper emotions, and his physiology even, and so, making him actually love his slavery.

I mean, I think, this is the danger that actually people may be, in some ways, happy under the new regime, but that they will be happy in situations where they oughtn’t to be happy.

Link – full text & video of entire interview.


Media Runs Away From More Juicy Geopolitical Drama

To summarize: a recording leaked yesterday confirming Turkey, a NATO-member country (which means we’ve promised to support them militarily should they suffer an unprovoked ‘attack’ and have to go to war) planned a false-flag strike against themselves in order to blame it on Syria and use it as justification for declaring war against Syria.

Now you’re sayin, “Hey Kody, that seems kinda familiar…where have we seen that before?” Oh that’s right–it’s precisely the EXACT SAME F-ING thing we did a few months ago! False flag terror has proven ridiculously effective as a tool leaders have at their disposal in pursuing their interests, and I cannot see how any rational person can continue dismissing false flag terror as a counter-hypothesis to the standard ‘mainstream’ interpretation of recent U.S. military excursions–not without first genuinely considering it and weighing the evidence. If you can’t even muster this, then I’m content to write you off as a hopeless slave intellectually incapable of exercising the cognitive powers necessary for freedom, and leave you be…

So unless that’s you, we must confront the next question: ok, given that this sort of false flag terror actually goes on, and is nothing new, what is the evidence that the US has been involved in false flag operations, now or in the past?”…a fruitful question to explore, indeed. I understand this can be quite shattering to one’s worldview–I know from experience–but the time’s come where we can no longer afford to be asleep to the reality of false flag terror, and the more people who are aware of the practice, the technique’s rendered less effective. This also exposes their “go-to” play in their playbook, without which they are left looking extremely exposed, such as our failed attempt to start a war with Syria, with the same old bag of tricks–but finding that the tricks don’t work anymore, and it’s painfully obvious the emperor has no clothes!

By the way, get a load of the Turkish Prime Minister’s response to the leak: he levels the charge of moral wrongdoing against whomever leaked his private security meeting, calling it “immoral” and punishing his entire country by quickly (& illegally) banning YouTube and Twitter nationwide…He feels he’s been morally wronged, when someone leaks his private plans to frame a country for a terror attack/military strike they didn’t do, in order to use it as a pretext for declaring war against them! So rather than denying the leak, he ADMITS it, and decries it as a moral injustice against himself!

(we must remember we’re dealing with psychopaths)

And where’s the media, on this?… this high-level leak that leaves our NATO ally caught red-handed engaged in false flag operations? Why, they wouldn’t touch a story like that with a 10-foot pole, our government wants as few people even knowing the words “false flag” as possible.

Nobody grills em like Goudy, period.

One of the most powerful voices in congress; we need more like him, people who are capable reasoners AND have the rhetorical savvy to deliver the message effectively…not enough to simply have the winning argument; the right needs better messaging for the non-thinking people who fall for patently false narratives like Romney’s “war on women” from the 2012 elections. I do want as many Goudy’s, Mike Lee’s, Paul, Cruz, et al as we can get, but it also seems wise to settle upon a winning message for each issue, and a position (/talking point) that can be stated in 1-2 sentences max… we could do a better job of catering to the lowest common denominator (i.e. mouth-breathing idiot voter)…or perhaps such people are going to vote democrat no matter what..

Leaving things worse than we found them…

Perhaps the place was better off when Saddam was in charge? (so long as you kept your head down and didn’t say/do anything to piss him off). He may have been a dictatorial tyrant, but at least he kept a secular state… which is essential for any true religious freedom. He’s infinitely preferable to the alternative springing up in his wake the minute we finally pull our troops out of that hellhole we’ve been sending them to for the past decade. Militant jihadism is a problem greater than the one it’s replacing.

Used to be over a million Christians in Saddam’s Iraq, who worshiped freely w/o persecution. Today, Christians all over the middle east are being killed en masse by Islamists (which Western media refuses to address; a deafening silence from western churches), and we’re down to 200,000 Iraqi Christians.

Good to know all those lives and limbs lost this past decade (plus the trillions of dollars) was worth it!

Tyranny will come in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy

“In time of actual war, great discretionary powers are constantly given to the Executive Magistrate. Constant apprehension of War, has the same tendency to render the head too large for the body. A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty. The means of defence against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.”

James Madison – Speech, Constitutional Convention (1787-06-29), from Max Farrand’s Records of the Federal Convention of 1787, vol. I (1911), p. 465

Obama admin.’s unsuccessful attempts to instigate war with Syria

Whaddya know — new report from Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, affirming what some of us knew all along: Obama & Kerry blatantly lied to the American public, and the world, about the “undeniable” intelligence they supposedly had showing Assad’s regime was responsible for the chemical attacks in Syria.

Of course it was all simply a pretense for U.S. intervention in order to advance the West’s geopolitical & economic interests in the region–it had nothing to do with youtube videos of children suffering from sarin gas. It had everything to do with pipelines that would run through Syria on their way to Europe, where they’ll supply much of that continent’s oil & natural gas & thus represent a large piece the global energy picture for the 21st century. Several countries are maneuvering themselves for dominance of the energy market that runs through Syria. Our oil/gas-exporting allies in the area (who help prop up the petrodollar) are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey…all desperately want Assad gone. Assad entered agreements w/ Russia and Iran in 2009 re: a massive underground gas pipeline planned to run through Iran, Iraq, Syria, then on to Europe…undermining Qatar’s strategic energy power & cutting Turkey (a NATO member) out of the pipeline flow–all of which hurts Western energy interests & ultimately threatens the petrodollar system (which ensures the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency).

So there’s a million reasons why they wanted to get involved, none of which involve sob-stories about suffering children or the inhumane use of chemical weapons… that was simply a red herring–the sort of smoke screen gov’t must employ when it needs to garner public support for military action. It’s necessary in order to get the public riled up enough to be willing to support going to war. It failed to work this time, though not because they didn’t try their damndest.

Saudi Arabia literally offered to foot the entire bill for a U.S. invasion of Syria…and this administration would have you believe they offered this because, hey, they too were outraged about some fuckin youtube videos! It’s amazing how stupid they think you really are.

Connecting the dots…

A friend recently asked me whether my opinions regarding US bomb strikes in Syria have (or would) change in light of speculation that Assad was responsible for the sarin gas attacks that occurred in Damascus on August 21. My opinions on Syria have in no way changed, as I continue to follow it closely and keep up with the latest news/info every day. There’s so much to say on this issue that one struggles to know where even to begin. If I just open the floodgates and start spilling my guts about everything I believe, I’ll no doubt sound like a crackpot, jumping to all number of irrational conclusions.

Okay, for one: I still adamantly oppose the U.S. getting involved, regardless of who used the chemical weapons. The reason for this is that the rebel forces are now dominated by radical extremists. If Assad is overthrown, these are who will assume his spot…al-Qaeda linked Islamists. The western-friendly secular & democratic factions have no hope of taking power. For example: we funded (provided arms to) the rebels in Libya, as they fought to overthrow their dictator Gaddafi in 2011. The Muslim brotherhood has now taken power in Libya. And Iraq is also now dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, where we overthrew the dictator Saddam Husseinn, and now we’re left with something worse. In Egypt, after they managed to overthrow their authoritarian leader Hosni Mubarak in 2011, we backed and supported their new Muslim brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi. Morsi was a pretty textbook example of what you get from the Muslim Brotherhood in terms of a political leader: it’s a non-tolerant Islamist state that is a total human rights disaster (for women, for gays, for non-Muslims). Morsi proceeded to pass new constitutional amendments that granted him unlimited power and made it impossible for any court to overturn any of his decrees–he had total control over all executive, legislative, and judicial powers, which he used to imprison his enemies and pardon Muslim terrorists in prison, and no person or governmental body had authority to challenge or revoke his decisions. He became an even more authoritative dictator than the one he replaced, Hosni Mubarak, who–just like Assad–was a cruel ruler in his own right but at least he maintained a secular state and allowed people of different religions to practice their faith freely by keeping the Muslim Brotherhood in check. Egypt has one of the largest secular populations in the middle east, and they were furious over Morsi’s power grab and religious fundamentalism. One year after Morsi assumed power, anti-Morsi protestors (mainly liberals, leftists, secularists, and Christians) took to the streets in what was likely the largest public protest in history. Literally millions of Egyptians took to the street demanding Morsi’s resignation, for several days, refusing to leave.

Protests against Muslim brotherhood in Egypt

Protests against Muslim brotherhood in Egypt

What were we, the U.S., doing during this time? Backing and supporting Morsi! AGAIN and again, we are backing the Muslim Brotherhood–it’s insane! The protesters in the street had signs that literally said: “America, WAKE UP. Obama is backing a fascist regime in Egypt.” I’m not kidding:

US gov't unabashedly supporting Morsi's fascist Muslim brotherhood regime

US gov’t unabashedly supporting Morsi’s fascist Muslim brotherhood regime

Our goal seems to be to destabilize the entire region, and replace dictators (who are power-driven and thus can be controlled through money/bribes) with the Muslim brotherhood (which is ideologically-driven and cannot be controlled–and they’re every bit as cruel).

We know the Syrian rebel forces are predominantly radical jihadis, because they’re largely from other countries who have traveled to Syria and seizing it as an attempt to establish an Islamic state and advance their God-given call to bring about a global caliphate (whole world under Muslim rule, i.e. sharia law–by any means necessary, including manipulation and deception, as is set forth in their doctrine of “taqiyya”). So this is no longer a true “civil war”, because it is not a conflict between warring factions of the same state. The rebel opposition has fighters from several different middle eastern countries, and these fighters aren’t travelling to Syria and fighting/dying to help them establish a free democratic state. No, they’re there to further the power and control of the Muslim Brotherhood. Russia and China both understand this, and unlike us, they basically share borders with the middle east–and they’re uneasy with having to deal with the rising power of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of many reasons they back Assad.

(It’s also another reason why this is not a true civil war–it’s really already a proxy war being fought out by various world powers, e.g. Russia, China, the U.S., Iran, etc….we (the US) are arming and funding the opposition in forces in Syria already–we’ve already gotten involved, we’ve already taken a side, even without missile strikes or direct U.S. military involvement. Similarly, Russia and Iran have long been arming/backing Assad’s regime (China’s being more tight-lipped but they openly side with Russia on this). Hezbollah is a Shiite militant group (strongest military force in Lebanon) that’s closely allied with Assad and providing huge support. Back on the opposition side, apart from us backing them, and factions from various middle eastern countries whose interests align with the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are also big backers of the rebel forces. So you’ve got all these players involved, from all over, this thing is already a psuedo-world war because all these world powers are fighting indirectly through their proxies in the region. So when people say “we shouldn’t get involved in another country’s civil war,” it’s too late for that. The reason we shouldn’t get involved is because of how quickly it could escalate given all the interests involved. This raises the question of, what exactly ARE our interests in the region? Why are we backing the rebel forces? I’m getting there, and though there may be multiple answers to this question, I can tell you with full confidence that it has nothing to do righteous indignation over the inhumane use of chemical weapons. That’s just a smokescreen. We gave zero fucks about the genocide in Rwanda in the mid-90s, which was far more heinous than this Sarin gas episode; difference is we had no personal interests to pursue in Rwanda)

We also know the rebel forces are dominated by Western-hating radicals because they are torturing and killing Christians, burning and vandalizing churches, more and more…brutalizing men, women, and children…and western Media (not to mention Obama and most US politicians) are silent on the issue. I’m serious, this is a big problem going on that in the US is unreported.

Now why are we seeming to back the Muslim brotherhood at every turn, knowing that time and again this has proven to only lead to further destabilization and conflict in the region?

Unintimidating, Incompetent, and Frankly Embarrassing

We’ve already broadcasted to Assad (and the rest of the world) the sort of targets we aim to strike…giving them days/weeks to move assets, prepare, and generally do everything in their power to mitigate the effectiveness of any missile strikes we might be sending their way. They know precisely what’s coming, the full who, what, when, where, and how of this U.S. foreign policy misadventure. We’ve made it perfectly clear to them: no boots on the ground, no regime change, just some Tomahawk missiles aimed at “strategic” locations. How soon you forget, dear Middle Eastern friends, we Americans know a thing or two about “strategery”.

You see, citizens of the world, we’re so magical and awesome that we can remove Assad’s access to chemical weapons that he probably never used in the first place, and we can do this with bombs, WITHOUT risking exposing the toxic nerve agents to any innocent human beings who happen to be in the area, and we can do this despite forecasting these intentions well in advance–we do not fear that the weapons/assets we aim to destroy will be moved to secure locations while we’re busy trying to get the vast majority of US citizens that oppose this to realize how silly they’re being and acknowledge the flawless logic of our plan.

We realize you simple folk may struggle to grasp the wisdom behind our well-calculated strategies, and that’s fine, we forgive you for that. You’re not superheroes, after all, you’re only human. Thinking’s hard, it’s not for everybody. How fortunate you are to live in times such as these, where leaders have such impeccable judgment that you can blindly trust.

Guess what Barry? Guess what John? You sacrificed that credibility & assumption of trust long ago. Though it’s slightly amusing to watch your floundering attempts to portray yourself as formidable authorities of a world superpower, to be respected and feared… I’m sorry, and not to pile on, but I’ve got to ask, and I’m serious: who is not thoroughly amazed at what an unbelievable fucking pussy Obama is? He’s just not a leader, it’s not in his make-up. He’s in over his head, has been from day one. THIS is true incompetence people, these guys can’t even warmonger efficiently! Don’t misinterpret me, I’m as opposed to Syrian intervention as anybody, but when the president and secretary of state are being upstaged and outreasoned on the int’l diplomatic stage by the likes of VLADOMIR PUTIN and BASHAR ASSAD, I mean sweet Jesus…how the mighty have fallen.

Today, Kerry seriously referred to the scope of the attacks he has in mind as being “unbelievably small.” UNBELIEVABLY small! As in, you won’t even ‘believe’ how small they are! As in–why are we even doing this in the first place?

Administration’s Case For War Simply Not Compelling

This administration is pushing hard to win over US public opinion re: engaging Syria. It’s beginning to look like a foregone conclusion at this point, however this whole thing reeks of bullshit; you know when they bring the full-court press like this, trying to shape the narrative that “we know” what happened & therefore it’s our moral duty to thrust ourselves into this mess…it’s time to be suspicious. 

Also, this shouldn’t turn on whether Assad or the opposition is responsible for the Sarin gas–Syria’s been a bloodbath for two and a half years now, death toll over 100k….yet at no point during that time when Assad was slaughtering tens of thousands of his own people, did Obama or Kerry feel a “moral imperative” to get involved. This forced the pro-democracy opposition groups to ally themselves with Islamist terrorist groups (who are seizing the opportunity to overthrow Assad only to establish sharia law). 

Where was your compassion then, back when your willingness to enter the conflict might’ve led to something other than further chaotic destabilization of a region that we’ve already fucked up enough? Back when joining the fight wouldn’t entail supporting the same terrorists we’ve been battling for the past decade?? This regime is supported by Russia, China, and Iran, all of whom have warned us to mind our own business. Why aggravate that trifecta over an arbitrary “red line” you stupidly committed yourself to? WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PLAN?